Popular myths about vaping

Is it true?

wizard-33616_640There are many things that people do not know about vaping. There are also a lot of misunderstood people when it comes to the facts about vapors. There are so many people that think that cigarettes and vapors are the same and are both harmful, but that is a very untrue myth. Some of the myths about vapors will be debunked below.

Myth 1: Electronic cigarettes and Vapors are the same product

Many people look at the electronic cigarettes as regular analog cigarettes, like the ones that can be bought in gas stations, the Vuze or Blu. Those products are actually made by tobacco companies and the cartridges have to be replaced and actually have limited selections of flavors. The numbers are impressive, but for those who quit smoking, they do not use them as much as vapors.  Advanced Personal Vaporizers (APV) contains electronics that allow the user to regulate the amount of vapor and regulate the power level. Mods use atomizers and can produce a lot of vapor. Most of the time users start with the mass market products and then after doing more research they tend to move toward products that have more flavor and less nicotine. This is also why tobacco companies produce fewer mods than disposables. This can be confusing to many people because the media has not really differentiated between the products.

Myth 2: No one knows what the E-liquid ingredients are

The ingredients in E-liquids are not a mystery as some people believe. Many manufactures have a couple main ingredients which begin with a main base. The main base is vegetable glycerin. This does not produce a lot of flavor, but does produce a lot of vapor. The next ingredient is propylene glycol. ignoranceBecause of incorrect rumors many people thought that this was the main ingredient in antifreeze, but that is wrong. Alarmists were confused with the product diethylene glycol, which has actually been found in many e-cig products. Propylene glycol is one of the main ingredients in albuterol and is very safe to inhale when vaporized. The difference is PG is thinner than VG and the flavor is carried very well. The flavors can be natural or artificial. When people say that “no one knows what is in the ingredients,” those arguments are invalid. The final ingredient is pharmaceutical grade nicotine. The different manufactures can provide different products with different nicotine strengths.

Myth 3: Vapors use a lot of Nicotine

There are many times people actually prefer the vapors with low to zero nicotine strength. Most of the users start off with a high level of nicotine when they are trying to get off analog cigarettes. Then, when the user graduates to a device that can produce more vapor then a higher concentration of nicotine is not needed. A higher level of nicotine can actually interfere with the flavor.

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